Our Grands Crus bar available 24 hours a day

Our Grands Crus bar available 24 hours a day

A new way to consume wine
Imagine yourself in your room and instead of the traditional mini-bar, an unconventional wine list...
Appellations that make you dream

or iconic domains...
  • MADIRAN 2017 Château Montus

  • MEURSAULT les Vireuils 2020 Domaine Christophe Vaudoissey

  • SAVENIERES 2019 Clos de Perrieres Chateau Soucherie

  • MERCUREY 2018 Domaine André Goichot Champ Roin


  • NUITS SAINT GEORGES 1er CRU Domaine André Goichot Les Vaucrains

  • CÔTE ROTIE 2019 Domaine Yves Cuilleron, Bonnivières

  • SAUMUR CHAMPIGNY 2020 Les Loups Noirs Domaine des Nerleux

  • .................


All available by the glass!



And to satisfy your requirements, it is served perfectly with the help of an intriguing machine... which invites you to take its bottle.

The wine is gradually brought to temperature, the flow is equivalent to 3 hours of decanting.

All you have to do is discover the history of the winemaker and the secrets of the wine you are going to drink

A unique experience !
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Why make a direct hotel booking ?

Why make a direct hotel booking ?


Direct booking, booking without intermediary, these hotel terms probably do not mean much to you.

And yet, it is now important to know how booking sites work. Why make a direct hotel booking ? Because it is more interesting for you. We will try to popularize these words and explain the advantages of such a reservation. Let’s go !

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Like home away from home!

Like home away from home!


Flat's Palais Saint Pierre

An apartment in town , with a hotel service!

A confidential adress , the time of a weekend, or a mid-week, in the hyper center of Saumur in the heart of the Loire Valley.

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